Our expertise

Consumer electronics, telecommunication and digital lifestyle products and solutions are our primary areas of expertise throughout years.
Broadcast Communications along with its team of advisors delivers excellent practices to help our clients enter the new market, establish media relationship, and define the right communication approaches to their consumers. In addition, we are full-service agency which provides public relations and social media services alongside the creative, content marketing, and community engagement activities. To learn more, click here.

Asian countries with their rapid growth in both population as well as GDP become valuable markets for many local and global investors. With over 10 years of collaboration with top developers on various projects, Broadcast Communications guarantees to bring the best practice to your business. Let our top advisors help you define the right strategy to approach your potential investors and customers to maximize your brand value and sales-driven target. To learn more, click here. 

With great care, connections and knowledge in physical and mental health sector, Broadcast Communications commits to bring win- win solutions with measurable results to both customers and corporations. Our creative writers and communication team capture the fast changing market and products to help deliver more effective content to consumers. To learn more, click here. 

Broadcast Communications offers wide range of services including strategy counselling and projects implementation on integrated marketing, brand positioning, corporate identity transforming, investors or employees communication, community engagement, product launches, etc.
Moreover, we provide practical training on several topics such as social media’s influence, the power of internal communication, investor relations management, how to work with journalists, building relationship with celebrities and influencers, corporate social responsibility, the art of story-telling, creative writing workshops, etc.  

Our team consists of high- profile experts and partners with wide range of expertise in industrial businesses and management level, including local governments, former journalists, and communication strategists. We are proud of contributing in great success of reputation and public relations management for many multi-national corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Broadcast Communications works with highly influential media, reporters, writers, and influencers to pitch and drive more effective contents to strengthen the external relationships of our clients and partners. We practice what we master the most

Today's market demands for more personalized approaches to your customers in order to maximize your campaign's effectiveness and save your budget plan. Our social media team works closely with PR team and communication advisors to not only develop and spread the messages in large number of communities but also to keep them in line with brand strategy and other activities. We provide expert services in areas:

Strategy and guideline building. Story creativity and development. Social communities’ management. Forums seeding and viral activities. Online and offline customer engagement activities.

A unique team of story tellers, artists and digital marketers with excellent skills and creativity to transform ideas and briefs into inspiring stories, driving attention and consumers’ engagement.

Our diverse team works on wide range of topics and industries, including technology, health care, self- development, food, relationship, travel, lifestyle and humanity.

Working for things that matter, Broadcast Communications coalesces with our partners to bring impactful CSR campaigns.
We focus on practicing CSR programs that pertains to education, health, self-development and culture preservation. To learn more, click here.
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We conduct industrial market research and data analysis prior to any communication strategy or solution. We keep track of these data during our retainer services in order to immediately capture the changes to evaluate risks and opportunities to help our clients navigate their approaches.

We both provide customized monitoring or mass media report.