We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. - Mother Teresa
I always believe that smiles have an endless inspiration. Nothing else makes your day better when you walk on the street, go back home, spend a day in your office with strangers passing by with a smile, your kids with big lovingly smiles from distance, a simple smile encouragement from your manager. Have you ever tried starting your day with a smile when you look into the mirror and say hello to yourself, to thank for another day breathing in this world? And believe me, when tear falls down, and just as nothing can heal broken pieces of your heart, what you miss the most is your smiling eyes…

This morning, the smile brings me back to another journey, not just only finding meaningful task for the self but the miracle of creating joyful moments for the underprivileged children who couldn’t have enough luck to smile just like us. My friends and I spent sometimes with orphan kids in the past few Christmas, Moon Festival seasons and back to school on September when the kids feel lonely the most and need more encouragement and support. I remembered one time one of my friend brought a friendly lovely kid who went to a surgery to repair his cleft lips, I asked him what does he want if he had a wish. His answer then touch me badly “I want my friend be cool and play with me at school, I want them to love me as I love them”. I realized that instant help was not enough… That’s why when my partner asked me to join their plan to raise fund to help those kids, I drew an idea in my mind that we need to go further…

That’s how “The Power of Smiles” was born. It’s not just only the instant money we raised for Operation Smiles, we wanted more and more citizens take their role of understanding, giving confidence and loving kindness to the kids to help them find back their smiles when they integrate back to the community.




We collected and interviewed many individuals who can influence society through their inspiring journey toward happiness and smiles. Vo Huynh Anh Khoa, a young positive disable swimming athlete who had spine cancer at six; Pham Thi Hue, a Hero of Asia for what she fought for her AIDS and community; Tran Manh Tuan, a Saxophone Artist on his personal journey from overcoming eyes and kidney damage to his excellence in music; and many more including celebrities, social activists, entrepreneurs who were ready to spread our message of smiles. One of the quotes from these volunteers that I like the most was:

“Life balances everything. It can take something from us but will bring others. For that reason, the disabled like me should feel optimistic and be patient for miracles in our precious life” – Anh Khoa


These shared stories come from deep within the hearts of the people who have taken part in this book and go to the children who have to endure cleft lip and cleft palate deformities. They hope that these children will soon get back their smiles, as well as the confidence to walk through life, through their words of support and consolation.

Please share our message to your friend list. We are thankful if you order the book “The Power of Smiles” (bilinguals English and Vietnamese) with $15. ($5 will be subtract to our printing cost, the rest will be transferred to Operation Smiles).

I am happy to be part of the team. And I hope you join too, my friends.


"The Power of Smiles” is the non-profit fund raising book for underprivileged children to repair their cleft lips and cleft palates. This is the collection of inspiring positive stories and messages of many Vietnamese individuals and Operation Smiles ambassadors who remarked their social public recognition internationally. We also took photos from OS operations and invited kids after surgery to perform “Nu Cuoi” songs and the MV.
(Source: Blog Melissa Ho, 2012).